How to Shift Your Mindset to Be More Profitable in Your Business

FREE Workshop
Thursday - June 16th, 2022
From 11am - Noon (PST)

➡️  What is your money story telling you?
➡️   Are you losing money in your business due to lack of clarity, confidence and a scarcity mindset?
➡️  Are you ready to tap into what is holding you back?

Join Heather Zeitzwolfe, CPA, profitability coach and the host of Get the Balance Right podcast for this fun, interactive, one hour workshop. This is a shame-free approach, where you will identify your money personality and learn key ways to break through your money blocks. This workshop will help you change your mindset so that you can be more profitable in your business and feel more confident in your financial decisions. 

🛑  Stop freaking out over money! 
Learn how to take control of your thoughts, refocus your attention and become more magnetically aligned so that your profits can skyrocket. 🚀