➡️  Are you worried about how to report business expenses on your tax return?
➡️  Are you wondering how to organize your business for taxes?
➡️  Are you unsure which taxes you need to pay and how to report it?

If you're a solopreneur, this group program will answer your burning tax questions, get your business organized and ready for filing your taxes and take the stress out of tax time. 

Are You Dreading Tax Time?

😉  Let's face it.


🦄  You didn't get into business to be a bookkeeper or a tax preparer.

⌚  Yet, every year you're expected to be both when it comes to tax time. 

👇⁠ 👇⁠ 👇⁠
Join Heather Zeitzwolfe, CPA, profitability coach and the host of Get the Balance Right podcast for this fun (yes, fun) and educational group program. We will meet twice via Zoom for a one hour coaching session and the following week for a two hour interactive workshop.

This program will provide the following: 
>>> A roadmap to organize your business for taxes
>>> Tools to organize your business finances
>>> What you need to report (expenses and income)
>>> How to report your expenses and income
>>> Answers to your tax questions
>>> How and when to issue 1099-NEC's for contractors
>>> A supportive environment, accountability, and much more...

This shame-free group program is RIGHT FOR YOU if (any of the following):
>> you don't have a bookkeeper
>> you're new to entrepreneurship (or first time filing taxes for business)
>> you're not sure if you've reported your business correctly in the past
>> you've never worked with a CPA, not sure what they would need or can't afford their services. 

This program is a mixture of coaching, teaching, and accountability with other entrepreneurs. 

NOTE: Although this program contains tons of kickass info, it is for informational purposes only. It is not legal advice. The program is administered by a CPA, for information only and cannot guarantee that your tax returns will be prepared and completed correctly. It will be up to the participants to do their own due diligence if they are filing their tax returns themselves. We recommend that you use the information to provide to a professional tax preparer or use a self-administered tax program such as Turbotax. If you'd like us to prepare your return, you can set up a tax meeting here or visit our Zeitzwolfe Accounting website for more information. 

Get Your Business Ready for Tax Time
Group Coaching & Workshop

The cost of this group program is only $199.
Pick the group that fits best with your schedule. 

Group 1:



Group 2:


Group 3:
Coaching and Educational Session: Jan. 20th from 2pm to 3pm PST
Interactive Workshop: Jan. 27th from 2pm to 4pm PST
Not sure this group is what you're looking for?
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